A full 45% of Florida homes are part of a homeowner association, the highest percentage by far among all U.S states.

Today’s Homeowner analyzed data from the Foundation for Community Association Research to determine which states have the highest and lowest percentage of homes in HOAs.

Nationally, about 22% of homes are part of an HOA. In Florida, 3.9 million of the state’s 8.6 million homes are in a homeowner association, with an average monthly fee of $389. 

The study noted that residents often have a love-hate relationship with HOAs. Homes in an HOA are, on average, worth about 4% more. But the monthly fees, which generally can increase at any time, may cause potential buyers to pause before making a purchase. And some HOAs have a reputation for crossing the line between what’s good for the community and homeowner autonomy.

HOAs have grown in number by about 13% over the last decade, the study found. The states with the highest percentage of HOA homes are: Florida (45%), Colorado (38.6%), California (36.8%), Washington (31.2%) and Arizona (31.1%). 

Missouri has the highest average HOA monthly fee, at $469, followed by Arizona’s $448. The national average is $390.