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Miramar, Florida, is a city in Broward County, whose name is Spanish for “Look at the Sea.” It has a population of over 137,000 people, making it the fifth-largest city in the county. Miramar is centrally located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and the trip to either city takes only half an hour. Its amenities provide a high standard of living for residents and offers a great place for entrepreneurs to start a business, which is why its motto is “Beauty and Progress.”

Miramar is a city that loves symphony music and has a festival dedicated to it: Symphony of the Americas. Symphony of the Americas is a July event that features soloists and musicians who perform classical and popular music with string instruments. Don’t worry about the cost for the event; it’s free. In addition to great events, the city also has abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. For example, Miramar Pineland is part park, part natural land. It has a playground, a splash pad, walking trails, picnic areas, a gazebo, trails, a boardwalk and many species of flora and fauna. The park has EcoAction Days, volunteer workdays that occur every first Saturday. Feel free to fill out a form and help out. You'll also find amazing shopping and dining establishment in Miramar. Get a taste of Argentina at Che Pibe Argentinian Grill. The restaurant serves grilled peppers, empanadas, sweet bread, salads, steaks, coffee, tea and more. The area also boasts amazing recreation venues such as Forcina Field, a sports field where you and your companions can get a good workout. It has areas that are suitable for baseball, football, and soccer. It also has a batting cage. Adding to Miramar's allure, particularly for homebuyers with children, the city offers many educational institutions for kids: thirteen public elementary schools, four public middle schools, three public high schools, and three Catholic schools. For adults, there are two colleges, two universities, and five trade schools.

The majority of real estate properties in Miramar are single family residences. Other types of Miramar homes include mobile homes, townhouses, and apartments. Many homes here were constructed during the mid/late 20th century and the early 21st century, and most of them have three bedrooms. Whether you’re opening a new business or raising a family, Miramar is a great town in which to live. It has year-round sunny weather, and it’s in close proximity to necessary amenities.

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