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Southwest Ranches, Florida, is a city in Broward County whose name is derived from the fact that it’s populated with many horse ranches. This city’s motto is “Preserving Our Rural Lifestyle,” and residents carry out their motto by maintaining several horse-riding trails. In addition to being a fabulous equestrian community, the city also has a great location. If you need to commute to Fort Lauderdale from Southwest Ranches, the trip takes less than 30 minutes.

Southwest Ranches residents love horses, and horse-riding is a popular activity here. In fact, it has a few horse-riding schools available if you want to learn or improve your riding skills. Additionally, many parks here have lots of open space for other ventures like fishing, grilling, running, and any other outdoor activity you desire. The area is home to wild animals like coyotes, armadillos, pocket gophers, skunks, and more. Some people here even keep wild animal as pets. Besides recreational spaces, there is a farm, Alegria Mango Farm, where you can pick juicy mangoes and buy jams. Alegria Mango Farm isn’t just a mango orchard; it’s also an event venue for weddings and other special occasions. On top of all of these remarkable amenities and features, Southwest Ranches has excellent schools available to residents. There are five schools nearby: one public elementary school, one public middle school, and three private schools. 

This town is a homeowner’s dream because over 95 percent of real estate properties in Southwest Ranches are single family residences. It also has a few mobile homes, apartments, and townhouses. Most Southwest Ranches homes are fairly young since they were made during the mid/late 20th century, and over half of them have four bedrooms. Southwest Ranches is unique because it mimics a rural southwestern town in spite of being based in Florida. It’s so rural that it doesn’t even have sidewalks or streetlights. Even though this town has an old-fashioned vibe (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way), Southwest Ranches is a nice place in which to live with quick and convenient access to big city amenities. Furthermore, it’s safe and possesses a strong housing market, and is great for horse fans of all ages. 

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