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Sunrise, Florida, is a remarkable community located in Broward County. This town used to be called “Sunset,” but retirees didn’t like the name, so it was changed to its current one. It was a relatively remote community until the early 1960s when developer Norman Johnson constructed an upside-down house to attract potential residents, and the plan worked very well. His creative tactic is probably one of the reasons why Sunrise now has over 93,000 citizens. Among its long list of excellent amenities and features, Sunrise has a great location. It’s about 30 miles away from Miami, and you can easily get there via vehicle or public transportation. 

Living in a somewhat large community like Sunrise means that you’ll have plenty of ways to entertain yourself. It has events that celebrate cultures and seasons such as the Harvest Festival and the Culture Festival. It even has a festival called Woodstock, an event that features crafts and live music from local artists. If you love hockey, then you’ll love to know that this city has its own hockey team: the Florida Panthers. You can watch their games and other events like ice shows and concerts at the local arena. For those that enjoy the outdoors, there are over 250 acres of parks, three pools, and a 15-court tennis club operated by the community, facilities that’ll keep you and your family fit. If you prefer to engage in an exercise activity without joining a sports program, you can walk or bike along its many paths and trails. Sunrise is a great place for families and provides education for kids through its 11 public schools: eight elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Schools for adult students can be accessed in nearby cities. 

Most Sunrise real estate properties (about 45 percent) are comprised of apartment complexes. There are also a large number of single-family dwellings here, which make up over 39 percent of the residential building population. The rest of the homes are townhouses, mobile homes, and small apartment buildings. Over 80 percent of Sunrise homes are fairly new since they were built between 1970-1999, and most of them have two bedrooms, though there are certainly exceptions. This community is a nice place in which to buy a home, whether you’re planning to retire or raise a family. Its balmy weather and abundance of activities make it a great place in which to live.

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